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The San Gabriel Valley Chinese Cultural Association was founded in 1968 to promote the enrichment of the Chinese language and culture, and to share these interests with the community at large.  SGVCCA is a family-oriented organization, dedicated to teaching the Chinese language, Mandarin, cultural classes such as lion and dragon dancing, instrumentation, Chinese watercolor, calligraphy, martial arts, and crafts for all ages. 

The SGVCCA Youth group represents the future leaders of the organization. Its goal is to develop leadership qualities that will help youth members become well-rounded and successful individuals through teamwork. A major part of developing these skills is by the numerous public and private events it partakes in, such as participating in local parades and events, and even appearing in TV shows, such as Law and Order, Las Vegas, Good Day LA, a Maroon 5 music video, UPS commercial, L.A. Clippers half-time shows, and many more. It also performs in numerous events like grand openings and private weddings.

In addition, SGVCCA has been the only group that has a steam blowing, custom-made Chinese dragon in Southern and Northern California.  If you have seen a red and black dragon that blows steam from its mouth, you would have encountered SGVCCA’s Barney.

With great pride in our history, we invite you to join the family!